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Michael Cavallaro came into our organization to work with several teams and individuals. He was able to very quickly get the teams to open up and share what was really going on. This was especially difficult as some teams were dealing with great challenges that existed, unacknowledged, for years. Michael provided an outlet, not only for our staff to talk openly, but also to begin the process toward resolution. He also worked with individuals, managers, and small groups for within the teams, as necessary, to assist them in moving through matters that were holding them back.

My son is more aware of his conversational topics when speaking with peers. He can be easily prompted to “stop blabbering” when he goes off on some tangent in which others aren’t interested. His time at Summer Connections Camp helped him with this

- Parent of child diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome

My daughter is new to Teamwork Wins weekend club. She is still in the beginning progress of learning to make eye contact and responding.

- Parent of child diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome

Michael’s ability to listen wholly to the team, individually and collectively, allows him to get at the heart of the issues troubling them, and then his wisdom and his humor assists the team to begin to work through conflict and build trust.”

- Human Resource Specialist of a privately held company since 1980

My son refused to play any team sports. This was causing problems during gym. Now he will play soccer at Connections Camp.

- Parent of child diagnosed with ADHD

My daughter had no awareness that her actions were being portrayed as flirty to boys and all she wanted was to be friends. Connections Camp helped her with learning how her facial expressions and actions can be misconstrued. Also how she presents herself, i.e. clothing, cleanliness, etc., is important.

- Parent of teen diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome

My son had a hard time socializing with other children and did not want to participate in activities or if he did, they ended badly. Now, when we go to Teamwork Wins’ Connections Camp, he never wants to leave. In fact, he wants to know when he will be back! My son feels accepted in this group of children and can relax and be a kid! 

- Parent of child diagnosed with ADHD

I just wanted to tell you how much (our son) liked the Tai Chi last Saturday. I was stunned when he showed me the moves he learned – as were his OT and psychologist. His demeanor changes immediately when he does it. He immediately has a very calm expression on his face and he moves deliberately. How wonderful to see him so calm. I hope you plan to keep this up and use it throughout the summer as well

- Parent of child who participates in Summer Connections

Our four-year-old son ended up going last Thursday to the Express Yourself Program…He loved it so much he asked if he could go every Thursday and Friday so we sent him to both this week.

- Parent of child who participates in our pre-school Express Yourself program.

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