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Teamwork Wins is excited to offer their proprietary FTC method (Focus, Transitioning, Communication) on video calling.

Whether it is assisting your child with focusing, transitioning, communication or helping them to just stop and become self-aware, Teamwork Wins’ FTC Specialists are here for you.

In choosing Teamwork Wins for your child’s needs, you have chosen the world’s #1 authority and experts in the inner development and solutions for your child. With TWW as your partner, you have the power to design a program that is optimal for you and your child’s unique needs.

Our powerful program helps you match our experienced experts with your children.

Online FTC services for children ages 10-21 - Summer and School year programs

Teamwork Wins is committed to excellence in education and inner development. All of our staff hold an FTC certification, as well as a variety of education and are experienced in providing professional emotional/behavior/interpersonal service.

For Children:

Adele, Rachael and Cassie $150/session


For Parents:

Consultation with Adele - $150/session.


Changes your child will experience by working with us:

• A greater understanding of why they are like they are.

• A new skill set and understandings to discern what needs to be changed and why.

• The opportunity to feel lighter, more peaceful, more content, more conscious and self-assured.

• Skills to make change and navigate life more efficiently.

We promise, if they apply the tools given:

• To enhance their awareness.

• They will experience improved relationships.

• They will have improved coping skills.

• They will become less emotionally reactive.

• To reduce and/or eliminate worries, fears and anxieties.

• An opportunity to experience some self-love and a greater sense of self in relation to the world.

Whether parents are looking to ensure their children are ready for the next grade level or if they are looking for extra support with academic progress or soft skills during the school year, Teamwork Wins is here to make sure you have all the support and expertise you will require.

Teamwork Wins promotes the building of strong relationships with families and within the family unit. Consider us a one stop shop, providing our FTC Specialists who specialize in AD/HD, Asperger’s, HFA, HSP, emotional support, intuitive/indigo/sensitive children and more.

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