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Our Vision:

To Contribute to the well being of our communities through the facilitation of our proprietary FTC Method (Focus, Transition & Communication, personal awareness and expanding consciousness of the individual.

Our Mission:

To create educational interfaces, new models and prototype new systems for school districts, families, parenting, businesses, communities and individuals. 

Founder's Story:

Adele Saccarelli-Cavallaro is the Founder/CEO of TWW.  She studied Elementary Education with a concentration in Speech Pathology and Audiology at ESU while playing intercollegiate Volleyball.

Adele struggled at a young age with several Invisible Challenges™, i.e. hyperactivity, Dyslexia, auditory processing and sexual abuse. Because she could not focus like the average child, she fell behind in her academic studies. The traditional school system was not working for her, which drove her to find solutions.

In 1989, Adele began working as a teacher in the public schools and in the prison system. She developed a love for teaching, but saw the limitations of traditional learning environments. She created her own teaching style, empowering children rather than forcing them to conform. So in November 2000 in her quest for answers, Adele founded Teamwork Wins a foundation for awareness and change, assisting individuals with Invisible Challenges™ in thriving instead of merely surviving. This new venture would incorporate a variety of different modalities and ideologies to assist individuals in blending with the world, but not changing who you are.

Adele with the help of many other individuals on the team direct a cutting-edge non-profit organization that serves our children and young adults.. Now, TWW's innovative Focus, Transition, Communication (FTC) Method helps individuals without changing who they are and what they have come to bring to this world!

TWW 2019 Annual Fundraiser - April 14th

Jan 15, 2019

Who’s ready for some #DesignerBagBingo?! Come on out to East Greenville Firehouse for our 2019 Annual Fundraiser, where you get to choose your prize while supporting Teamwork Wins non-profit!

Adele's Personal Experience in a School Setting

Jun 7, 2018

"I struggled at a young age with several Invisible Challenges™, but I don’t remember exactly when I developed my unique coping skills, the skills that would get me through each grade...

#Metoo - Athletes and Abuse

May 18, 2018

It seems that when it comes to abuse, most want to turn their heads. I get it. It's uncomfortable, especially sexual abuse. Most of you/us, have been abused in some way- emotionally, verbally, sexually, or physically, as children. I am not asking you to feel your possible pain again.


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