Okay, Ladies, it’s time!

It’s time to feel better about ourselves, ladies, don’t ya think?! It’s time to go home…ha…to our hearts again! Home is a place of inner aliveness. It’s that place where you feel completely happy – where you begin to get rid of some of that baggage that keeps us stuck. Where you’re at peace with yourself. Where you’re less reactive, your relationships are better, your external circumstances might improve too -- like your job, your health and you love everything about yourself. You start living from the heart instead of over-thinking or being judgmental. You’re more connected to yourself and more approachable etc. You’re able to look at yourself and others with compassion and no judgment, without blaming anyone. And when you catch yourself blaming or judging, you are able to say, “Oh, where’s that coming from?” And then move on.

My own journey back home -. my story - was written in a novel called Searching for OZ and then a

workbook followed, Searching for OZ – The Journey Home, A guide to finding your own answers.

I intertwined this story with the Wizard of OZ tale. I recommend that you take your own healing journey. Because every person, every one of you is Dorothy, and the inner tornado that sometimes keeps your stuck, can be calm and turn into amazing things happening to you. You just have to know that there is a rainbow, a place of love and hope, where we all live happier lives.

I want to give you a glimpse of what’s possible for you right now, so that you have some tools that you can use on your own right away. Consider me, in this scenario, like your own personal good witch guiding you on your own yellow brick road back to your home, your place over the rainbow. Because, I promise, there’s hope for you too! I promise that there’s nothing’s wrong with you and there is a way out.

I will offer you 3 shifts in perception that are needed to happen for you to start your yellow brick journey to get whereyou want to be in life.

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