InnerVOICE Training

A Step by Step Educational Training for adults/juvenile offenders who have experienced mental, verbal, emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse.

InnerVOICE is an innovative educational training program that helps individuals make permanent positive life changes, so they can experience the joy and happiness that is their birthright. This specialized program teaches these individuals self-directed life skills by addressing key life domains.

InnerVOICE is designed to assist individuals with the difficulties they have created as a result of their behavior, choices and belief systems. These belief systems result in cycles of patterned behavior that “imprison” them. InnerVOICE is designed to assist individuals in correctional, institutional, and therapeutic systems in “breaking out” of the prison they have created for themselves. This metaphorical prison is self-created as a result of not only choices they have made, but family situations they were raised in. These choices, however, have been made based on their beliefs about themselves and their world. Beliefs are the chains that imprison an individual and keep them in cycles of self-destructive patterns and choices. This program facilitates the self-discovery of these cycles, an understanding the perceptions of their traumas and directs them how to break through.

The InnerVOICE Training is a twelve week program designed to be provided in specific contexts. It consists of twelve weekly one to two hour sessions and will be facilitated by a certified Teamwork Wins facilitator. Each participant will be provided with a “Searching for OZ Workbook. – A Step by Step Guide to Transforming Trauma”

Teamwork Wins Ltd. would like to provide this training to any facility that is interested, with the ultimate goal of having an established ongoing program at all institutions. 

For more information, please email/call Adele at adele@teamworkwins.org, 215.680.2351 or Gail at 610-914-2439