This 6 week, LEGO® Therapy program is designed for participants, ages 6-21, who have a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum or for students with social, communication, language or executive functioning challenges.  

Children with ASD often gravitate towards LEGO® because of their structural nature.  LEGOS® are predictable and systematic therefore providing a safe and fun medium to gain interest and motivation to learn other skills that do not come as easy for these individuals.  

Participants will first learn the expectations of the LEGO® Group and practice basic building and language skills in a small group session.  

They are then introduced to a group of peers, including trained peer coaches who are mixed in the groups.

The group meets on a weekly basis for 60~90 minutes (depending on age) and during that time engages in collaborative LEGO® building activities and other projects, tailored to the skill level of the participants.

Different roles and job descriptions are assigned to group members (typically these roles a ”director” ‘engineer’ ‘supplier’ and ‘builder’).

The group works together to assemble the project.  This process requires the use of verbal and non-verbal communication skills, pragmatic language skills, perspective taking, joint attention and task focus, collaborative problem-solving, sharing and turn-taking (switching roles during the task).

During the therapy sessions, social and communication obstacles can be directly instructed or prompted, based on the needs of the peers.  For example, if two peers are physically fighting or having a disagreement, the peers or supervisors can guide the participants to use the skills listed above to resolve the dispute. 

Current Locations for Fall of 2016
Pennsburg-Thursdays Evening for 6:00-7:30, beginning Thursday, September 15th (Fundraiser, Saturday September 17th)

Fundraising is part of this self-directed program.  The participants will be instructed how to create their own Go Fund Me page as well as sponsor a small, participant-run event to raise money to pay for the program.  The fundraiser is held during the weekend after the first session!

To find out more information on how we can provide LEGO® Therapy in your school please contact Rachael Simms at 610-507-7969 or