The Experiential Job Exploration and Transition Program (EJET) is a community based program providing vocational services and opportunities to help smoothly transition students to the workplace. Teamwork Wins Job Coaching provides vocational services to help transition-age students prepare for their future. This program offers short-term experiential job exploration in a variety of situations with Job Coach support. These experiences are designed to provide real-life work demands in an actual employment setting. Students participate in job-training in an area of interest and aptitude with the goal to work independently in competitive employment after graduation. This program is also designed for students who need a supportive experience rather than competitive employment.

Job Coaching includes instruction on independent living skills, college/job readiness, and developing appropriate social skills. Job coaches provide students with on-the-job individualized coaching, in real-time, for issues that may include, but are not limited to:

  • Appropriate boundaries (physical closeness, touch, gestures, etc.)
  • Appearance check (body awareness, attire, etc.)
  • Social cues
  • Self-Direction & Perseverance
  • Taking Initiative
  • Communication
  • Respect
  • Inter-personal relationships (interacting with bosses, authority, etc.)

On-going student evaluations occur monthly with Job Coaches and the students' supervising teachers. Job coaches deliver official progress reviews during IEP meetings for students, parents and school district representatives. 

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