Contribute to the well being of our communities through the facilitation of personal awareness and expanding consciousness of the individual.




Teamwork Wins guides individuals with Invisible ChallengesTM in becoming self-directed, self-maintaining, self-sustaining, free-thinking and creative.




To create educational interfaces, new models and prototype new systems for school districts, families, parenting, businesses, communities and individuals.

To assist all individuals with a very specialized expertise in sensory, sensate, social and intuitive education and training.

To educate and disseminate information to our communities.

To remain progressive and cutting edge and at the forefront of change.


Personal Experience in a School Setting

By Adele Saccarelli, Founder of Teamwork Wins Ltd.

I struggled at a young age with several Invisible Challenges™ , but I don’t remember exactly when I developed my unique coping skills, the skills that would get me through each grade. Hyperactivity, dyslexia and auditory processing difficulties are not conducive to traditional methods of teaching or learning.

It was difficult to stay focused with hyperactivity in school, except on the soccer field, basketball or volleyball courts, where I was able to move. No matter how hard I tried, I annoyed every classroom teacher I met. Because I could not focus like the average child, I was unable to learn at a similar pace as other kids and fell behind in my academic studies.

School subjects were as interesting to me as to any of my classmates. I was intelligent, but because I could not meet educational standards in an accepted way, people perceived that something was wrong with me. I was inappropriately judged for poor grades. The system was not working for me, but everyone insisted that I had to make it work without teaching me any tools with which to do it. There was no consideration given to my unique needs to achieve the same understanding as everyone else.

So I discovered a useful coping skill to get by. Not necessarily a healthy skill, but it was a functional skill. I developed a connection with all my teachers. I knew everything about them: what made them tick,; how they wanted things to look in their mind or in their issues, their weaknesses and strengths, what type of people they liked or disliked, and what made them comfortable... READ MORE