Girl Spark ignites a girl's passion through helping her foster independent life skills and teaching self-reliance through open communication! Girl Spark utilizes Teamwork Wins' unique Focus, Transition, Communication (FTC) Method to give girls an opportunity to gain the necessary and valuable skills that will help her become more aware of her behaviors/patterns, while assisting her in getting a clearer perspective of herself.

Girl Spark encourages young girls to investigate solutions to problems as they transition into their preteens, teens, and young adulthood. Interactions at school, home, and on social media give girls the opportunity to gain life skills to communicate appropriately with friends, family, and others in the world. Peer interaction, along with supportive adult guidance in a informal setting, bolsters self-confidence at an age where many girls are confused by the push and pull of popularity and rejection. By becoming more aware of their behaviors and patterns, girls can practice strategies for interacting with people while maintaining their personal integrity.

The Girl Spark program is intended for girls in 1st through 12th grades. The groups are structured by grade level: 1st - 3rd, 4th - 6th, 7th - 9th, 10th - 12th, and in accordance with life experience and maturity. During a typical Girl Spark session, girls create art, play some kind of outdoor activity/sport together, cook many scrumptious things, and of course, take walks in Nature! Remember our motto: #TeamworkWins! In these relaxed settings, Girl Spark Facilitators assist the girls in addressing their challenges in real-time by teaching communication skills and focusing on empowerment/resiliency.  

Girl Spark is available for any community/school/institution setting to implement with help from our trained Girl Spark Facilitators! Do you know of a school, an after-school activity program, a team, or a support group in which girls are struggling with peer interactions? Girl Spark Facilitators can come in to train you, your staff, and associated families on our innovative Focus, Transition, Communication (FTC) Method. By incorporating the FTC Method and Girl Spark strategies into your established program, you will see more effective connections with and between girls who have Invisible Challenges™ such as relationship difficulties, sensitivities, trauma/abuse history,  etc.

Interested in what Girl Spark can do for your child, someone you know, your program, and/or the girls you work with? Please email or call: • 215.680.2351