Leadership Training

AutocraticConsultativePersuasiveDemocraticChaotic and Laissez-faire the leadership styles we are all most familiar with.  We redefine leadership and the role of a leader and employee in this innovative program. “Self-directed employees” and “Self-Management Teamwork Style” are concepts that strikes fear in the heart of many leaders; yet, create a sense of hope, confidence, optimism, anticipation and courage in many employees. 

TWW has designed a leadership training program that totally transforms organizations from the top to the bottom.  The program provides insight and understanding into why your management style may be outdated and dysfunctional.  We teach methods related to creating cooperative cohesion within the entire organization, between the executive & management teams and at the employee level; eliminating conflict; developing innovative highly effective management style throughout the organization; developing self-directed employees with a multidimensional leadership approach.

What you will gain:

·      Dynamic Team Management- The A.I.R. Method

·      How to create and maintain an innovative, highly effective management team

·      Multidimensional Leadership

·      7 Qualities of the new Self-management Teamwork approach

·      The Choice style of leadership and why it out performs other styles

·      Leadership Styles and Effectiveness

·      How to create self-directed employees

·      How to identify, address and resolve Invisible Challenges within your workplace

This innovative Leadership style fosters open transparent communication at all levels, effective conflict resolution and problem solving, organizational effectiveness and profitability while encouraging all members of the organization to feel confident in who they are, what they offer, how they are received and heard, knowing their personal strengths and weaknesses, ways to grow professionally while consistently effectively executing their roles and responsibilities.  

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