Boy Spark is a program held during the school year encouraging young boys to investigate effective solutions to problems as they transition into their preteens, teens and then young adults. Interactions at school, home, and on social media give boys the opportunity to gain invaluable life skills on how to communicate appropriately and effectively with friends, family, and others in the world. Boy Spark peer interactions with adult guidance in a relaxed setting bolsters self-confidence at an age where many boys are confused by the push-and-pull of popularity and rejection. By becoming more aware of their behaviors and patterns, boys can practice strategies for interacting with people while maintaining their personal integrity.

The Boy Spark program is for boys in 1st - 12th grades. The programs are grouped by grade level: 1st - 3rd , 4th - 6th,
7th - 9th, and 10th-12th. During Boy Spark, we will create art, play some kind of outdoor sport, cook many scrumptious things, and of course, take a walk on the Teamwork Wins nature trail! 

Fore more information, please email or call: • 215.680.2351