Girls will have the opportunity to understand competition, conflict and teamwork, allowing them to enjoy sports and interact with others more comfortably and easily throughout their lives.

Sessions are designed to develop:

  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Independence and self-direction
  • Communication
  • Transition
  • Focus

Through skills and drills, girls will practice techniques and learn the rules of the game, and most importantly, learn how to play on a team.

The program will assist girls in clearer communication, listening, sharing, speaking up for themselves, and becoming aware of their social and personal judgment and misperceptions about their talent and ability within a sports environment. We want to encourage the love of the game of basketball and the joy it can hold for them personally.

Individual/ Small Group Sessions


Fall: Sept 6 – Sept. 26 & Oct. 18 – Nov 8th

6PM to 7:30PM • Grades 1 - 4