Do you have a child or know a kid who has difficulty processing and responding to information?

Art and Sensory Exploration assists children who have difficulty processing and responding to information from their environment. Children engage in activities through the senses through exposure to sound, light, texture and motion. It can make a world of difference to a child, if you help them develop ALL of their senses: tactile, hearing, sight, smell and taste. We specialize in creating curriculum with varied activities that promote sensory processing and integration. Whether it is investigating the sensory table, testing musical instruments, creating with exploratory art mediums, or discovering the wonder of Nature, your child can have fun while developing intuitive processes and transferrable skills that they can bring to all areas of their life. This program encourages free play through art, music and Nature, while facilitating learning and creative expression. Small groups ensure individual attention and assistance. Let’s get creative!

Groups meet in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania!
COST: $65 - 4 week session

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For more information on Sensory Processing or program information, please email/call for more information: • 215.680.2351